Monday, September 15, 2008

I want to see Kana!

While eating lunch today, M again complained that he hasn't seen Kana for a long time and that he wants to see Kana! Well, he hasn't for about a month now and perhaps that IS a really long time in his young mind. He has been telling me repeatedly the last week that he wants to see Kana and why isn't Kana coming to his house to see his drawings blah blah.. So last week when E was away, I immediately SMS him his son's wishes and made plans to invite the family over during the weekend. The weather played havoc to our plans so the young people didn't meet. 

I laughed when he said it again earlier and I asked him what does he want to do when he finally sees Kana. He said he will draw her a very big drawing of a triple decker bus and a double decker bus together and it will be the most beautiful drawing of all. But she will have to bring it to her house and put it in her room so that she can look at it everyday. Aww.. isn't that an expression of love? 

Leon, Kyoko, are you listening?? Haha!  


Anonymous said...

We have empty walls, so we can manage his drawing!
He is soooo sweet. Kids sometimes(or always) insist to see their frinds or visit friends house, but right after they meet, they fight over a toy...right?! Kyoko

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi Kyoko! So nice to read a comment from you. I am sure Marcus will be thrilled when I tell him that Kana will be looking at his drawing everyday. He is perfecting his triple decker bus drawing this very moment so he can draw Kana a really pretty bus. :)


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