Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Fun

We decided not to laze and brought the boys to Sentosa yesterday. It was great fun. We went with Marcus' choice of transport into the island via cable car and being my maiden trip, I enjoyed it as much as my babies. It was really quite amazing and Chipsy was in awe too from that height. More sand and water play at Palawan beach before taking the cable car back. 

After dinner, the kids bonded with my mum who sweetly came over to babysit so E and I could go on a dinner and movie date. A rather romantic way to unwind. 

Sunday morning was spent taking the kids for a swim after my lazy coffee and morning chit chat with my mum who stayed overnight. As I mature, I must admit I really enjoy seeing my mum more often and especially cherish spending time chatting about mundane stuff. The afternoon was spent in the company of the Browns and Wincklers and some lovely cakes, macaroons and meringues at Robertson Walk, followed by beer and dinner at Clarke Quay. 

And Marcus has had his largest indulgence of sweets ever in a single week, after tucking in to a fair portion of chocolate cake, meringue, muffin and ice cream. He recently informed me that he really likes chocolate, which comes as a bit of surprise really, since he had previously decided that it was so yucky.

It has been a rather hectic and eventful week for the kids. E was off work for 9 days (weekends included) and the boys had been to the Explorer Kids, swimming, sand play, Sentosa and Animal Resort, in addition to the precious time spent with their Aunt Heidi and Uncle Ewen who were over from Bangkok for quick visit and granduncle Michael from Hawaii. So all in all, the kids have had good fun and we adults can't complain either, given our plentiful opportunities for feasting and cakes. Maybe only about our waistlines.

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