Monday, August 18, 2008

Birthday plans

We finally decided to do it differently this year for Marcus' birthday celebration. 

After 3 years of celebrating at the condo's function room, we are going to have a small party in his school instead. I just think that at his age, he will enjoy celebrating with the little friends and teachers who mean something to him, so initially we have wanted to throw a party at Go Go Bambini, My Gym or similar places and let him choose the friends to invite. 

However, after weeks of prompting, his guest list consists only of Bryan and Tarun from school whom he deems are his best friends of all times, and Kana and Nelson. We decided to change plans and bring a cake, party bags and snacks to school so the kids can sing him the birthday song. When I told him our plans and ask him if he would like it, he smiled shyly and said "But I might hide under the table when they sing me the song, because it is so funny." I think he meant he would be embarrassed. 

To digress a little.. Marcus has been saying the "I might .... if ... " recently. Like the other day at Sentosa when he said "If we can't go up on the wheel today, then I might want to pick a flower" Huh?? I don't see the connection there, but he did pick a flower for himself immediately after. And this morning before school, he was grumpy from being tired and as he fussed, he said "If I go to school, I might not want to do any work. I might just play all the time." 

Back to birthday plans... We probably will get him to choose 2 cakes, one for school and another for private celebration with close friends only. Got to plan for party food and goodie bags too. 

In October, we shall do a big bash for Nicholas as he turns 2. 

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