Sunday, July 27, 2008


Recently I bought a loaf of delicious looking bread from Cedele Pot which I thought was orange-flavoured but turned out to be cinnamon-flavoured. They either put up the wrong description tag or the wrong loaf in the bag. 

Anyway, I toasted a slice in my toaster the next morning and the aroma (or not!) of cinnamon quickly filled my kitchen and living room. Marcus who was playing in the living room then raised his head and shouted "Oi mama! What is that smell in the kitchen? YUCK! YUCK! You have to wash the kitchen now! It is too smelly!"  Oops.. 

And... something of a more encouraging note..  I made my special lasagne again on Monday and informed Marcus that I had made some special pasta dish and it would be yummy. He took a quick peep at what was sitting in the oven and nodded, adding "Hmm.. that looks like yum yum!". It was pretty funny to hear him say something like that. When it was ready, he rushed to the dining table and sat at his usual seat, looked at the plate like an excited puppy, and kept going "Eat! Eat!" with his cheeky grin. 

I was all prepared for him to spit out his first mouthful since he had never ever swallowed a spoonful of lasagne (homemade or award winning restaurant fare) since he was weaned. So when he began to chew and his bright eyes lit up with his accompanying smile, I sighed my relief and smiled my megawatt smile. He concluded after a few more spoonfuls that "Mama's lasagne is Yum Yum Yum"! He happily polished off his plate and ate another leftover portion the next day with the same verdict. That was indeed a pleasant surprise.  

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