Thursday, July 10, 2008

Family only

It has been a month without the maid and I simply love it. I love the feeling of having our privacy back, no more nonsense to deal with and just having a family-only environment ALL the time. 

I guess it would be less demanding if Nicholas was smaller (or older), but at this age and with the age gap between the boys, it can get pretty hassling and challenging at times when both demand some attention from me while I need to get other things done, especially cooking. I still insist and manage to cook 2 meals for the boys daily and dinner for us on most days.  With a routine mapped out, it is all manageable without much stress. The housework gets done, the kids are still fed well, I still get to play and bond with each kid at certain times of the day and we still do stuff together. Ironically, I am more motivated to cook fancier recipes on weekday evenings now than before when I could have left it all for the maid to wash up. 

Having to handle the kids and household without domestic help does remind me once again, of the demands placed on mothers of previous generations. However, as a SAHM of modern times, I guess I expect more of myself that includes nurturing our offsprings and developing their talents, in addition to the traditional job description. My days are busy but fulfilling. An old friend noted recently after reading this blog, that I seem to enjoy motherhood. I do. Very much indeed. 


Alan/Val said...

No maid! Wow, you sure have adjusted well. I think it feels good to be able to do it by yourself and have that sense of achievement. Still, I've caved in and hired a weekly cleaner with just L!


DomesticGoddess said...

Yes Val, the sense of achievement is a nice bonus. The only drawback of a PT cleaner is I have to be stuck at home for hours with the boys while she cleans and I hate that. When I can work around that, I will cave in too. :)


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