Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nicholas - 11 month old

Counting down to his first birthday party.

My little Chip is so chatty and expressive these days. He really talks non-stop in his own baby language. Most of the time we can't understand what he says, though there are a few clear words he utters now like "mama", "papa", "car" and "duck". He tries to say "milk" when he sees the bottle and signs at same time. Would sign whenever he hears me say "milk".

He points at things and "talks" about them to us. Would point, look at me and blabber a lot.

Points at the words in books and blabber concurrently, as if reading out loud.

Loves "The Duck Quacks" and "The Very Busy Spider" books.

Can slap our hand when we say "hi-five" to him.

Will take small bottle from my hand and feed himself water.

Understand simple instructions like "give (something to) mama" and pass me the things I want. Understand "give mama piggy" and chose piggy amongst other toys, to pass to me.

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