Sunday, July 15, 2007

Toys R Us, Mandarin, Exploded

E took Marcus on the bendy bus ride today. Finally! The boy walked to the back of the bus with papa and exclaimed that they are in the long, long bus when he saw the black bendy part of the bus. He was all smiles the whole journey.. aww... Then they got off, went into a taxi and before E could tell the driver, Marcus said "uncle, I want to go to Toys R Us", to which the driver said "ok, boss!".

Later he came home and roleplayed with Sulley and Mikey and his bendy bus. E overheard him tell them "Sulley, Mikey, you get off the bus here. We are at Orchard Road now. We go shopping at Toys R Us. You go buy long long buses."

I am really impressed with how much improvements Marcus has made at the Speak Mandarin department. He can answer "mei you", "yao", "bu yao" to name a few and ask "zhe ge ne?" etc etc.. He sings a lot daily some chinese songs which i have never heard before. When asked, he would say "lao shi sang them".

Earlier he was playing with his toy stroller when he suddenly swung it around and one of the wheels hit Nicholas' cheeks. It all happened so fast and unexpectedly that I wasn't able to stop it. Poor baby cried for a while. Immediately after he realised what had happened, Marcus dropped the stroller, rushed over and kissed Nicholas on his head. Aww.. then E told him sternly that he musn't swing his stroller around... and he burst into tears. He cried louder than Nicholas as if he was the one who got hurt. Probably he was, except he was hurt inside. We had to talk gently to him to calm him down and then he dropped the bombshell "I want chic-chic to be exploded". WAH!! He has used that word a couple of times lately. Once after his bath, he played with the glass door in the bathroom, I told him off and in between sobs, he said "mama, I want the glass door to be exploded".

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