Sunday, July 1, 2007

Almost 9 mths

Nicholas playing with the 'forbidden fruit' - our digital camera and then... got caught red handed! Haha!

Nicholas is almost 9 months old now. Can crawl but not very interested. Kept wanting to crawl towards something that allows him to pull himself up and cruise. More interested to move fast, so if any adults are nearby, will simply crawl towards him/her and "asks" to be carried. Mostly just want to move towards Marcus' toys and play with whatever that Marcus is currently playing with, which annoys him a lot. Marcus tells Nicholas sometimes 'HEY, that is my toy. YOU (raising his voice) go over there (motioning to Nicholas' toys).' Oops..

Took Nicholas out to Orchard for 2 hrs and in that short time, 12 people at different times came over to tell me how cute Nicholas is and most try to touch him. Of course I politely "positioned" him out of their reach. Two couples at a traffic light junction couldn't stopped cooing at him and another group of 4 ladies and another older woman stopped at their tracks and couldn't stop admiring him. Yet another 3 individuals came over to ask me questions about N. Aww.. my charming lil boy....
Weighs 8.07kg now and has started to clap. He "talks" to us a lot, and I try to have 2-way conversation with him. No doubt I am still his favourite person but he absolutely idolizes Marcus who can make him chuckle so much and smile the sweetest smile. He stops crying when Marcus sings to him. Whenever I cradle and sing to him, he just wants to stuff his fingers into my mouth and tap my lips a lot. Haha!

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