Saturday, June 9, 2007

Taitai-ish frivolous comments

Been shopping quite a bit in past few months with the windfall I made from stocks and '06 'bonus $' and really pleased with the few beautiful pieces I splurged on. I figured I would be able to buy a drop-dead gorgeous piece every week if I were working, so i shouldn't be guilty about a little retail therapy now and again since I *am* working, just not collecting a paycheck. Just bought a really beautiful white linen blouse the week before I left for Seoul and today, got another gorgeous deep coral hue linen blouse from same store. Aww.. retail therapy really works wonder. If only I have more space for bags and shoes and jewellery.. can never have enough of them.. My dream, which I intend to fulfill in near future, is to have a built-in wardrobe for shoes which must be able to hold min 100 pairs and another 100 bags. Hmm.. I think I have about 40 bags currently, excluding the 15 I threw/gave away last year. Oh oh.. I saw 2 pairs of too-beautifully-set jade earrings in Insadon, Seoul. I would have bought the first pair immediately if not for the flaw. Only a piece per design and at that price for such elegant, classy and yet modern, and achingly beautiful style, I couldn't resist. I love it so much that I even dreamt about it the next night. The second pair is very different but also equally enchanting. But the biggest flaw is its price - $250! Though reasonable for jade accessories, but being a novice, I can't tell if it is a $1 kind of quality or not, so I hesitate paying such premium, especially when that store is more like a gem & costume jewellery store and I can't make myself pay that much for costume jewellery. Hmm... on hindsight, should have bought it.. see.. I am still thinking about it 2 weeks later. Doh!

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