Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sandplay, Nappyless and Inside Taxi

Brought the boys to West Coast Park for the first time. Always procrastinate going as it is so far away, but we should have brought Marcus there earlier. Got there at 1030am and it was so hot. But the sight of 5 big playgrounds was promising, except that they are all surrounded by sand. The first time Marcus played with sand was when he was 15 months old at East Coast park and he loved it. Subsequently we took him another time and he had so much fun. However, we didn't follow up with more sand play and 3 months later, he hated sand so much that he actually protested a lot when his toes touched a grain of sand. And today he still disliked the sand on his feet so much that he only played at the playgrounds for about 15 min. Pity we went all the way there. Gotta take him there again and more often until he gets used to sand.

Went IMM later since we were at the west, but it is always a disappointing mall. Rushed home for my spa appointment at Rustic Nirvana and later mani/pedi dappointment while E, the doting dad/hubby, looked after the two babies. Marcus did so well today without nappies the whole day. Could tell us when he wants to pee and hold it in till we reach the toilets. Huge progress there!

Inside Taxi
I often tell Marcus that he is not allowed to open/close the taxi doors and only adults can do it as it is dangerous for him. He is so used to hearing me tell maid to lock the door when we are inside taxi that these days, he will immediately request "mama, can you lock the door please" when we get into the taxi. Then turned to E who were sitting next to me, "papa, can you lock the door please" and then to the maid who sat in front, "auntie, can you lock the door please"... And whenever our taxi gets close to our condo, Marcus also hear us say "go straight and then U turn back... go straight, turn left here and straight in... go one round to the right", so these days, he would also try to give instructions to the taxi driver. Can't really make out his directions very clearly, but he especially loves the U turn back part and he knows exactly when to give that instruction. :)

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