Friday, April 13, 2007

Pee in public toilet

Took M and N out to United Square for 2 hours and for the first time M left home without nappy. Brought lots of spare clothings just in case and also let him walked instead of using stroller, so it is easier to whisk him to toilet when nature calls.

Got him to pee before we left home at 11am and at noon, hurried him to public toilet at United Sq, chose a relatively clean cubicle in Ladies, pulled his pants down and held him while he stood with legs shoulder width apart. And he peed successfully. He smiled gleefully at me, as if very proud of his achievement and he should! Then he said "mama, I peed in the toilet!" I gave heaps of praises and kissed him on cheeks, showed him how I flushed the toilet and dressed and led him out of the cubicle to wash hands. Reached home at 1pm and immediately he said he wants to pee again. Got him to potty and he gave me a constipated look. He peed a little, tell me "all done" and just as I was about to pull up his pants, I noticed something dropped on his back. Had a look and what a shock! A big piece of poo on the floor! Wahahaha! He only told me he was going to pee, not poo. So I got him to stand to pee, but he didn't know how to stop the poo from coming out. So funny.

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