Saturday, March 24, 2007

Chubby Cheeks and Marcus the Superboy!

(Picture: Marcus at 2.5 months in mid Nov 2004)
Marcus was born a week before his EDD via elective C-sect since it was confirmed that he was a breech baby. With a birthweight of 3.28kg, he gained 1.4kg by end of first month and was already weighing a whopping 4.68kg! Strangely though, while he only gained 0.3kg by end of second month, his cheeks had grown so much that I couldn't stop calling him "chubby cheeks".
(picture above: Nicholas at 2.5 months old)
While Nicholas had a birth weight of 3.69kg at birth, he only gained 0.8kg per month for first 3 months. I realise he was never meant to be a big baby anyway and his birth weight must be due to the fact that he arrived 10 days past his EDD (hence he continued to put on 28g a day in the womb) and not because he inherited FAT genes since E and I are both super slim!! Hahahaha!!

Superboy pictures were taken on 30/7/06 when Marcus was 22 months. E couldn't resist the Superman pajamas and paid $13 for it. Great value since we can make Nicholas a Superboy too.. but if Nicholas continues his chubby tum tum, he would probably be a chubby Superboy.

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