Friday, June 26, 2009

Lapbook: How To Make An Apple Pie and See The World (Photo post)

After the classes at the Tots University started in April, I was so busy that I totally forgot to upload the photos for this lapbook which we did in Feb/March. Anyway, here they are.

For the details on the transdisciplinary thematic activities covered in this lapbook, read this. 


ling said...

oh... that's one of my fav books :) nice!

Anonymous said...

you are one AMAZING WOMAN!!!!! seriously.. the amount of effort you put into ur kids development is just remarkable!! and BIG THANKS for sharing ur experiences, its been insightful!! Will be dipping into your well of wisdom..!! psst n u r one complete woman! can cook, wise, pretty, diligent.. wow wow wow WOW!!!!! U make me want realise i can do better than wat i;m doing!! Inspirational!

Anonymous said...

i hv been reading ur blog, n i m truly impressed n inspired with what u r doing with ur boys! i m a good playmate to my 7mths old boy, but guilty of not even starting him on flashing cards yet (thou i bought a set when he's 3mths old n he's not interested). Any advice what I can do? esp when i m a working mum, n my boy stays with my inlaws on weekdays..


Domesticgoddess said...

Hi Anonymous and Cindy, thank you for your generous comments.

Cindy, when my boys were infants, I just focused on plenty of cuddling, bonding, talking, singing and reading. :)


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