Sunday, March 17, 2013

Unmistakably Girly

I was checking out a store with her when she spotted these colourful baubles. She looked at them with such curiosity that I couldn't resist placing a strand on her. She took a moment to admire the pretty colours before grinning happily at me. My heart instantly melted.

A minute later, as I was taking them off her, 'wear! wear!'  came the gentle urging, while pointing at the rest that were hanging above her. How to say no?

After a good ten minutes of wearing the necklace, a jeweled bag caught her attention. The only way to get her to agree to taking off her necklace was to exchange it with the bag. I caved in.


She loved this bag! Carried it around the store with a coy smile and swinging it as she paraded for another ten minutes. When she spotted a mirror, she even admired her reflection and approved what she saw with a mega smile. This was totally unexpected, especially after all these years of parenting just boys.

At one point, she even struck a pose for me when she realized I was taking photos! So unbelievably girly. Haha!

After two boys, I can't tell people enough how much I enjoy having my own little girl. And I just know, there will be many, many more of such days to come.

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