Thursday, December 13, 2012

Xmas 2012 .... 11 days to go

In the past, by this time of December, the Christmas tree would already be up, decorated with sparkly ornaments and lots of love.

Not this year.

The dad seems a little stressed out from work and too tired/distracted from the daily everything-else to mention anything about the tree. The mum is buried under the daily caring of the three kids and mountain of never-ending housework and is too tired/distracted to even make the suggestion.

Boy #1 is just content with his hobbies and not caring much beyond the present few hours. Boy #2 declares almost everyday that Christmas is his favourite time of the year and he can't wait for Santa to visit. But so far, he has not started his countdown either or asked about the tree. They both just want to know if Santa has noted their wishes and will indeed grant them.

For the last 9 Christmases, E was the one who couldn't wait to drag out the tree to delight the kids and I would have busied myself with sweet bakes or involved the kids in the other Christmas frills such as making cards and crafts.

Not this year.

I trimmed my Christmas to-do list to what I thought would be quite manageable. Boy, was I wrong.  Besides the few presents I bought so far on a 4-hr shopping trip, I have not achieved anything else.

It is just not a joke to face two quarrelsome boys from morning till night and to watch a 15-month-old who wants to walk all day long, for the entire day.

My relief from the kids usually lasts about one hour, when E gets home, during which it would be the unfortunate (or fortunate, depending how I want to view it) me-time with all my unfinished housework, before I take over the tot again for her bedtime. Urgh.

But.... but...  only 11 days to go.

It's time to wave my dusty wand and make some good things happen.

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