Thursday, November 1, 2012

His Moment

The boy was so eager to surprise me these two days.

The moment he walked into the house yesterday, he pulled out his marked English and Math exam papers with a big grin. And today, he skipped home with his Chinese papers for very good reason. :)

'How do you feel now?'  I had to ask to reiterate my point. It was a teachable moment.

'Very happy. Hard work surely pays off, Mama.' The sense of satisfaction was evident on his face. 

He was referring to his Chinese revision, which is really the only subject that he had put in effort to revise (with lots of nudging from me).

I know he could do this well in all areas and he did.

For now, the mini celebration has begun. He had his favourite dinner and dessert, followed by a movie of his choice. The boy is very appreciative and content. And I am a proud mama.

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