Saturday, March 10, 2012

Budding Entrepreneur

Just last week I talked about M's generosity and how he was giving away numerous drawings as presents to his classmates. 

Apparently the demand for his art is so good that friends have offered to pay for them, so they don't have to wait to be gifted. 

In this week alone, he sold four drawings of Transformers for 50 cents a piece. He was really pleased with the $2 that he had made which he thought was very good money. According to him, he can now churn these out very quickly to meet his friends' requirements.

The really funny part of the story is this - his initial price was just 5 cents a piece!! Haha!  (I laughed out loud when he first told me) 

But this boy who really likes his drawings offered 50 cents for each because that was the only coin he had. Hahaha!  Kids are just so innocent. :D 

M didn't tell us any of this the whole week and it was only during some casual chat yesterday that we found out. 

Just the thought of my little boy having the idea of selling his art and actually negotiating a price with his 'customers' tickles me. My little budding entrepreneur!!  

We took the chance to share some 'wisdom' on marketing and pricing and also laid down some rules, just so he doesn't cross the line. 

Let's see how well it goes next term. 

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